Ultimate Drives
Coronado Trail - AZ
Deep in the untouched southeastern corner of Arizona awaits a tarmac marvel. Starting in rolling hills around Alpine, you'll drive south on 191 into the White Mountains. An unbelievable number of turns and ups and downs will keep your eyes locked on the road and your white knuckles on the steering wheel at all times. This is partly a shame though, because the scenery and wildlife are incredible as well! When you finally emerge out of the mountains 90 miles later, you're greeted by the Morenci Mine. I recommend turning around here and driving the Coronado Trail all over again in reverse. That way, you get a second chance to take in the landscape. But, If you've done that before, its not a bad alternative to make it a loop by taking 78 and 180 back to Alpine. Check out Taqueria SARAP in Morenci for the best tacos in the world! Follow me on Instagram @snowsences to see more pictures from all of my US road trips. https://www.instagram.com/snowsences/?hl=en
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