Ultimate Drives
The Evo Triangle
The infamous EVO Triangle takes its name from the well-renowned automotive magazine. The editorial staff used this corner of Wales for numerous car features, tests and photo-shoots, developing a significant following with car and bike enthusiasts in the process. The Ultimate Drives team are no exception - we have driven the Triangle many times and also incorporated it into several of our group tours. Without a doubt it is one of the most exhilarating and exciting routes within relative proximity to the south east of England, and firmly cements itself as one of our tips for the best driving roads in the UK. We have selected a cafe, a hotel and a pub en route in the vicinity of each 'corner' which provide a great way to start, end and stop-off during your trip. However, it is possible to tackle the drive from any direction. Whilst you may find yourself memorised by the sweeping bends and great scenery, take care and resist any excessive speed and risks, not only as this is a popular drive with many other road users but also as the authorities keep close control on monitoring speeding and dangerous driving.
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