Ultimate Drives
Black Mountain Pass
The Black Mountain Pass crosses The Black Mountain to the west of the Beacons. One of the most talked about roads in the British Isles and the setting for countless magazine car reviews, automotive films and driving challenges. A must-drive for petrolheads and anyone who has that nagging feeling that a drive is more than simply getting from A to B. Consistently ranked as a 'dangerous road', this one will take all your driving skills and reward you with miles of grins! Sweeping corners, hedgerows, valleys, bridges, dry-stone walls, moorland and resident sheep all battle to consume your senses...but process this all and you will come away a Black Mountain convert. Best driven in the summer when the weather is most likely to be clement, ensure you set off early to avoid other adventurous drivers and the odd wayward tourist. We have fixed the road to start from the Tregib Arms, since the end hotel at The New White Lion is a perfect overnight, though some people argue it's better driven in the opposite direction - so why not just turn around and head back over again for twice the enjoyment :) Of course this particular road was first brought to the mass public attention back in 2011 when Jeremy Clarkson test drove the Merc CLK 63 AMG through the Brecon Beacons, when he commented "I’ve often wondered why they call these the Black Mountains, because they’re not black – they’re sort of green and brown,” he said. “But now I know why.” Good old Clarkson.. More recently the team were back there in 2012 testing the Aston Martin V12 Vantage.
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